• Soccer Tipster Roberto De Agostini

    Roberto De Agostini
    soccer tipster ● current ROI:131.92 %

    22.11.2014AtalantaAS RomaWIN
    20.11.2014AZAL PFCGabalaWIN
  • Soccer Tipster Kostas Gianakis

    Kostas Gianakis
    soccer tipster ● current ROI:159.07 %

    23.11.2014ThunYoung BoysWIN
    22.11.2014CelticDundee FClose
    21.11.2014RuchSlask WroclawWIN
    20.11.2014El-ShortaAlaab DamanhourWIN
  • Soccer Tipster Mark Adams

    Mark Adams
    soccer tipster ● current ROI:162.3 %


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Injured players in English Premier League »

Soccer Injured Players

Newcastle United - 12 injuries

Everton - 10 injuries

Manchester United - 8 injuries

Arsenal - 7 injuries

Liverpool - 7 injuries

Aston Villa - 6 injuries

Hull City - 6 injuries

Read full list of injuries

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Soccer Tips World cup Soccer-tips is a consulting company and release paid analyzed soccer tips aka football predictions.
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The answer is very simple and clear - if you want to win you need to pay. If you think that you are good soccer punter, you know football very well and even have soccer intuition.... think again who is losing and who is winning. When you finally place your huge wager on a sure favorite of game or your favorite soccer team, this is the time to start praying. But this is still not enough for profit and for good football predictions.
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Why do you need money management?

Besides good soccer predictions you also need good money management system/strategy.
Money management system also known as money management strategy is very important part of soccer betting.

The most common betting money management strategies in our days are: Martingale, Row of numbers and Kelly criterion. While the first two do not require any prior information, Kelly criterion requires the punter to know the probability of a win.

Soccer analysis, football strategy

Why choose Asian handicap betting?
Why use ‘Asian handicap’? The widely-known betting in football suggests selecting one of three options – a victory for one or the other team or a tie. Mathematically, selecting just one of the options means that the bettor has 1/3 chance to win. Asian handicap is a type of betting, which removes the mathematical advantage of the bookmaker. Its most important feature is that it does not include the variant for a tie, which means a 50% chance of winning! You should make difference between the average handicap (a.k.a. European) and........ read more

An overview on Soccer Tips
It can be a frustrating experience when it comes to losing a soccer bet. You can place high bet on a single game and lose your entire saving with a single bet. In this way you have to give away your money to someone else. All your hard work will go in to vain. However you are not the first person to lose your money with soccer bets. There are a lot of people who have gone through this problem. It is always better to bet an amount of property which you can afford to lose. As a game changer, you can take resort from the guides for socc........ read more

Introdusing to Both Teams to Score Betting
Both Teams to Score Betting has gain a great popularity the past few years and is preffered by many gamblers now. If you manage to use the provided information properly and to develop appropriate strategy, you can turn this quite entertaining system to a long-term profit. In this article you can find useful tips about Both Teams to <a href="http://www.soccer-tips.org/">Score Betting</a>. Also will help you to build or select a strategy and to start realizing great profits from it. Both Teams to Score Betting is ........ read more

The Big 16 in the Champions League
16 teams have secured their place on the second round of the Champions League, occupying one of the first two places of their flow in the group stage. Eight winners in the groups and eight runners-up are already expecting the draw for eliminations on Monday, December 16th in Nyon. Group winners: Manchester United, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona. Runners-up: Bayer Leverkusen, Galatasaray, Olympiakos, Manchester City, Schalke, Arsenal, Zenit, Milan. According to the rules........ read more

Soccer Tips Rules That Everyone Should Know
Many people can tell you that Soccer Predictions is some kind of art. To make a accurate predictions is needed many qualities, knowledge and of course, you should not be afraid to take a risk. There are two ways of making a predictions: The first is to be intuitive. You don't need any qualities to make it. You just follow your intuition and bet on what your heart says. Many bettors use this method, but to be honest, this is the most unreliable and inefficient method of play. Of course you may correctly predict some outcomes, but eve........ read more

Soccer Predictions Bonuses
There are a lot of different bets on Internet. Here you can find the most popular and more important to understand them. Many people forget that the match is not only 1, X or 2. There are hundreds of options, that our partners offer. You can find so many matches to make from your prediction real money. When more important matches are played, the bookies offer a lot more bets. You may find some really exotic bets, like how many gaols will be scored between the 10th and the 20th minute, how many corners will judge the referee, to w........ read more